Top Ecigs Brands

Electronic cigarettes, likewise known as eCigs, are considered the new alternative to smoking. This technology introduces nicotine-free smoking in an attempt to make cigarette smokers switch from tobacco, thereby reducing or eliminating the risk of inhaling harmful toxins or carcinogens.

As of now, electronic cigarettes are getting a massive increase in popularity ever since being introduced back in 2007. In line with that massive increase, more and more top e-Cig brands are made available to the public. If you’re still planning to switch to electronic cigarettes, knowing which brands are the most popular in the market is essential. To give you a head start, here are some of the top eCigs brands out there:

Best Ecigs Brands

1. V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs is without a doubt the best brand out there at the moment. The brand’s amazing selection of highly reliable eCigs gained them the excellent reputation they have right now. They are currently the biggest online eCig retailer and have made a name by providing excellent products that perform well and better than their competitors.

Some of the reasons why V2 Cigs is considered a top brand include having a wide variety of e-cigarette options, excellent performance, long battery life and power, and reasonably priced products. They also offer great tasting eJuices for ex-smokers who are making the switch to vaping.

2. VaporFi

Next on the list is VaporFi. With their great selection of eCigs for all types of vapers, they were able to take the 2nd spot in the top eCig brands. The brand features an excellent selection of refillable, tank-style eCigs. The main contributor to VaporFi’s reputation is their eJuice line which has extended in order to offer high-vegetable glycerin eJuices for sub ohm vaping. Their line of eJuices has given mini cig and eGo users the chance to obtain quality yet affordable eJuices that come in various flavors.
With a selection of over 30,000 custom blends of eJuice, obtaining a quality yet affordable eJuice is definitely possible.

3. Mig Vapor

Mig Vapor (formerly known as Mig Cigs) is currently the fastest growing electronic cigarette brand in the market. They feature a consistent 4.2 voltage for every eCig kit they release to the public, allowing them to gain a stable foothold in the eCig industry. Their tanks are reliable and powerful, and you can expect their products to last for long.

The brand’s vaporizers and cig-a-likes are highly preferred by their consumers for their power, durability, and ease of use.

4. Halo Cigs

Despite having only two models to offer, Halo Cigs still managed to make it to the fourth spot. The brand offers the G6 Starter Kit for beginners, and the Triton Tank System Kit for advanced vapers. The brand was able to gain popularity for its flavorful and wide selection of USA-made eJuices. Halo Cig’s electronic cigarettes are known for their outstanding power, long battery life, excellent value, durability, usability, and style.

5. South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke is a famous eCig brand among celebrities, however it is also a known choice for beginners. This is mainly because the brand offer products which are affordable, powerful, and durable. Although the brand hasn’t quite improved compared to other brands, it is still a solid choice for those who are yet to switch to vaping. The brand’s products offer quality and longevity, and possibly, the longest lasting battery out there.

While there are plenty of options for you out there, your choice for an electronic cigarette will ultimately depend upon your preferences. Hopefully with these top eCig brands, you will be able to make an informed decision when choosing your eCig.